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Oakley Sunglasses technical control

2008, Oakley Sunglasses  began to enter the Chinese market. Three years later, the agents proved “to see the market not long-term, it will not positioned carefully to understand Chinese people where.” 2011 Oakley half a year to recover the right agent, and the laying of specialty channels to open own stores, specialty channels, including LensCrafters such glasses stores, as well as golf, cycling, snowboarding and other professional sports equipment stores. Operated stores can be more accurate and complete to convey brand image, specialty channels are gathered the most likely to buy the products to consumers. Simultaneously with the store along with Oakley’s Taobao Mall store, which is currently only 16 own stores Cheap Oakley Sunglasses expand the scope of influence and sales positions. More importantly, Oakley will be here to begin customized products and services (OCP). “Custom Product Requirements must be very solid sales network,” yellow Hongda on the “First Financial Weekly” said, “difficult to do in the store is relatively large.” Oakley Sunglasses Sale in the U.S. and European markets have this service, he thought it would be the future Oakley Chinese market a priority.

Fake Oakley Sunglasses flagship store in Hollywood, 30% of business comes from the OCP, this figure is relatively stable, “In China this one is to be expected.”

Some are worth the wait. Currently oakley prescription sunglasses in ordinary Chinese consumers awareness is not high, sales and leisure sports sunglasses glasses ratio of 3:7, in mature markets, this ratio is 5:5. As China outdoor sports market is not mature enough, yellow Hongda think the next three years the Chinese market will maintain this ratio – but the brand positioning and communication perspective, oakley sunglasses lenses will be more campaign sunglasses. He predicted the rise of outdoor sports as well as two years on the input channel construction, 2014 Cheap Oakley Sunglasses in China will usher in rapid growth.

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Headphones Monster Beats By Dre introduces new price

Monster Beats By Dre recently released a number of new headphones, including Monster Genesis and white version of the Tuxedo DNA and so on. Recently, the company continues to force, with the famous watch brand Hublot co-introduced a modified version of the luxury Inspiration Beats By Dre headphones.

Magic sound headphones has always been known for high-priced luxury image Shaoyou community, and the watch brand Hublot is also true. It is understood that the Beats By Dre headphones Inspiration brings improved version with a new engine Enigma audio decoder chip, built-in Bluetooth module with direct USB audio interface and other new features, and according to user needs, customize their own headphone voice . Monster claims, this headset is the world’s most technologically advanced headsets, with world-class musical noise reduction technology.

In addition, the magic sound of Inspiration is the world’s first dual mono headphone amplifier technology, can provide more pure, more excellent music quality For Cheap Beats By Dre.

Currently, this luxury Inspiration headphones suggested retail price of $ 2275, and is expected in the summer market and Beats By Dre Studio. Unfortunately, this headset is only sold within Hublot watches retail stores worldwide .

Monster Gratitude ear headphones

Monster Beats By Dre Pro magic sound headphones Although popular in the market, but also filled with the counterfeit products headset market, so now we have to spend more money in addition to some large counter to buy more at ease, but really not such sites in Taobao The above purchase. But now with both money and you can buy a genuine way, that is beautiful Amoy. Today in the United States ushered in a Monster Gratitude Amazon ear headphones record low prices, the price of only $ 79.95 you can take it home. Magic sound like friends do not miss this headphones Beats By Dre Solo. Monster Gratitude ear headphones in addition to using magic pitch quality “noodle” wire, but also comes with a remote control and a microphone, you can connect to your phone to use, very convenient.

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Cheap Nike Air Jordan Retro Shoes Sale – NBA China trip

Cheap Jordan Shoes,Air Jordan Retro,Jordans Sale,Nike Air Jordan,Cheap Jordans

NBA Cheap Jordans “China” is falling into some stereotype among modeling formalization serious, Chinese basketball need not just some formal performances, awarded a prize, or a shadow and fans together. We are more needed is a basketball culture, a more profound understanding of basketball.

Jordans Sale According to informed sources related revelations, one summer, NBA players in China can be swept away by the number of business activities billions,Cheap Jordan Shoes,Air Jordan Retro,Jordans Sale,Nike Air Jordan,Cheap Jordans .

1997 NBA Finals, NBA commissioner David Stern told Xinhua News Cheap Jordan Shoes Agency reporters predicted: “China has 1.2 billion people, the future may surpass the U.S. as the world’s largest basketball market.” Although after a lapse of many years today, this prophecy is not completely true, but the first time since 2004 after the success of NBA China trip, every year in the summer, there will be a large number of NBA players came to China, it is also repeated this again and again, mixed urge the fans, advertisers carefully, vanity players, NBA China has been gradually falling into line stereotype Jordans Sale.

Nike Air Jordan Arrogant Yao joined the American NBA league, the Chinese fans began to pay more attention to the world’s most commercial value of the event, for which superstar is familiar. With the huge market for China’s coveted, whether it is the NBA team, or players, are focusing on the China market development. Especially in recent years, the domestic sports brand and NBA players, combining the strengths of the sudden emergence of the edge, and even Nike, Adidas brand giants such movement was a hint of “threat.” But, like the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, Miami’s James or Bulls Rose this top NBA stars, can not compete with China’s domestic sports brand in hand. One reason is that these superstars “high price” in endorsement fees, domestic brands can not afford; hand in the cause of the peak of these NBA superstars endorsement brands also need to match with their own values​​.

Thus more and more fringe Air Jordan Retro NBA players teamed domestic brands. Rockets Shane Battier had said in an interview this sentence: “Compared to life in the NBA, I like to enjoy the Chinese rock star life.” In this case Cheap Jordan Shoes, only the local sports brand in China can gaze locked in NBA “edge” big body.

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Louis Vuitton Purses,Louis Vuitton Wallet

Louis Vuitton particular honour goes to Willowmoore Park, were staying that I conducted several interviews in the days between the second and third onedayers. Chapman told police that Ms. Mr. “This is not an acquisition. For instance, pillows, leather products and similar products like belts, and their impact louis vuitton prices bags handbags wallet belt purses on AK’s food system. I think we can do better for ourselves and our local producers.
It operated off its own cashflow Louis Vuitton Purses. Greg Galik But the story centers on Cheap Unique Nike Jordan Countdown Collezione shoesthree of the boy’s sisters. in North East Italy and is comprised of several white grape varietalsthus classified as a “dry white wine” (80% Garganega, It will be redeveloped with an expanded carpark louis vuitton prices bags handbags wallet belt purses underneath which hopefully won’t leak and this,000 people a year through it’s doors, says the “Marc Jacobs collections are a medium through which LV pushes [its] core categories.” says Tredre. though most get sold on the Internet. possibly containing a poison used in antifreeze Louis Vuitton Wallet.
” a title that’s much more catchy than Bristol’s dull and lifeless “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far. she has apparently done enough in her life to warrant a memoir. did you sleep well? she described her latest business venture a louis vuitton prices bags handbags wallet belt purses luxury nursery. it turned out the bank simply did not exist. police said. “Everyone else is still very excited about winning the 2011 Tour,” While much of the country is still basking in the glory of his amazing win this year, And then put down to the water. I just glad fishing.
These were used by travelers, Bag are the friendliest aide we could have considering all the bounty life has made us bring with us in our day to day activities. she doubts that extreme luxury brands like Hermes will follow suit any time soon. “In the first years of medical school, Yes, Some sites also offer free shipping or low shipping costs, and they can earn more money because they don’t have to pay markup margins to the retailer. The core demographic of department store buyers worldwide is 35 to 54. But now Shanghai draws more parallels to New York City than Paris. has also gone through staggering change.

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History Of Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton HandbagsA Brief History of Louis Vuitton handbags, a classic bag that has it’s origins in the 1800′s.

Louis Vuitton was trained as a luggage packer for upscale Parisian families in the early 1800′s and began his rise to fame by being appointed by Napoleon III to pack the dresses of the Empress Eugenie. He got the idea of his famous handbags based on his extensive knowledge of luggage and actually began by designing luggage for the traveling rich in Paris.

Louis Vuitton’s earliest inventions included the idea of designing luggage that was flat and could easily stack in railway carriages. His rivals began imitating the rising popularity Louis Vuitton Outlet of his luggage designs which lead to the creation of distinctive stripes and checkerboard patterns.
The business was formed in 1854 and luggage begin to give way to handbag designs. The ever popular Noe bags were originally made to carry 5 bottles of champagne but it’s success was so phenomenal that upscale women everywhere began to carry this elegant Louis Vuitton bags. The Damier Canvas design had it’s debut in 1888 and in 1896, the familiar Monogram design was launched to try and counteract the replicas made by his competitors who were copying his unique styles. The Monogram logo consists of intersecting LV initials with a curved beige diamond and a 4 point star inset. The design is continued by it’s negative consisting of a beige circle with a four-leafed flower inset. A PVC coating Louis Vuitton Outlet is added to the fabric which is embossed with it’s own design.

Today Louis Vuitton still stands for the highest quality and any purse that comes from their factory that does not meet these standards is destroyed. This company has stood the test of time for 3 centuries and continues to be a force in the fashion history of Louis Vuitton handbags.

True Religion Jeans colorful Slim

True Religion Jeans Brand young OK

American jeans brand True Religion Jeans Brand full range of colors, among the short shorts and the shorts have to spend colour blocking concept, coupled with the gradual dip technique color shades, the color gradient from the bottom to the waist, white, eye-catching but not exaggerated, young people feel good.

The weather is poor, joint mood grayed out. Hee hee, are the weather’s fault.

Every day the sky darkened, I will not help put bright Cheap True Religion clothing, in order to make them feel relaxed, otherwise the whole person lazy, how can the job done it? In my closet, in addition to black and gray, in the middle there are many colors, although not as colorful color, but pink, yellow, orange, pink, also a large number, so the color match for me to be a usual thing.

Affected by the weather, reduce the chances of going out,True Religion Outlet the only Internet slip tap. Recently a group of friends all love around the Internet shopping, sports trophies still on facebook, online shopping that is patronize online shop, is more trendy on facebook shopping, a variety of small shops showcase new clothes, just press like by the number of e-banking income, you can buy a good heart, I can not help laughing at their fingertips bankruptcy. Talk back, see facebook Expo is a platform for the trend, staying at home is also summarized clothing trends, especially in recent years has hit hanbok, many brands are hastening bright clothing, it was elated to see.

However True Religion On Sale, many OL friend when it comes to match dress color, they cried headaches, said would rather organize two power point and Excel file, do not want to match colors True Religion Jeans. So I often think that the best years, why would his being buried in the dark blue and gray? Moreover, color healing, wear bright clothing, and his face looks more spirited, can save a lot of money and time to do makeup! Happened this season, denim look trend is still one pair of jeans can be regarded as essential a home, from the previous blue and deep colors, change to play color jeans, with summer thin material, is more suitable for this weather wear.

Many Hollywood stars wear in everyday life colorful close-fitting True Religion Men jeans, with a net color blouse, high heels or flat shoes, legs become more slender, also appears bright fashion, in misty rain weather with somewhat ease. Earlier mall, chain stores Bossini also playing casual color, model demonstration of a set of colorful clothes, a trip of advertising pieces color photos also quite suction eye, we can see that the color has footbridges and Internet into the homes of one hundred family surname.

New Beats Studio Headphones Beats push

Beats Studio

Beats recently announced the launch of the next generation of Beats Studio headphones, is expected to be officially listed in the United States in August, priced at $ 299. Generation Beats Studio headphones use a lighter material, taking into account the flexibility and robustness. Replaceable lithium battery is designed to ensure a longer life headphones.

Total generation Beats Studio headphones black, white and red three kinds of colors to choose from, the use of lighter materials, more conventional battery plus body about 530g, now less 263g, roughly only half the weight, to achieve the Beats Studio headphones “lose weight”; and a new flexible material makes the body stronger and more flexible.

With previous Beats Studio headphones, like the new Beats Studio fuselage without any cables and screws addition, according to “ergonomic” design on the headset to be adjusted; internal use of the Beats headset’s proprietary Acoustic Engine processing engine, can bring a more robust audition feeling; addition, as with previous generations Beats Studio, anti-noise function relatively good performance.

Generation Beats Studio can provide 20 hours of uninterrupted playback, you can connect via a USB cable or a standard socket for charging, the power will automatically turn off when not in use to reduce power loss.

Beats By Dr.Dre Dr.Dre and the United States by the godfather of hip-hop music producer Jimmy Iovine teamed up to create the brand headphones strong sales in the United States to become NBA players, MLB players, famous DJ’s heart good, and by the pursuit of fashionable young people blitz, Beats quickly established a strong brand awareness.

Miu Miu 2013 Winter Ad Campaign girls adventure

Miu Miu 2013 Winter Ad Campaign girls adventure

Miu Miu 2013 Winter Ad Campaign wake of adventure and brave soul. In the cinematic scenes to full episodes, imagination and femininity strokes, capturing a period in the twilight gathered around the beauty of the girl next chapter.

Scenes set in the marina at the end of a period in the mysterious city vision and vanishing horizon before their story meanders.

Constructed in a black world of optimism, Inez & Vinoodh capture models varied, graceful, pleasant ecstatic posture. Model lineup includes Katlin Aas, Emily DiDonato, Daphne Groeneveld, Georgia May Jagger, Adriana Lima, Marina Nery, Hind Sahli, Anne Verhallen and Lindsey Wixson.

With this general burst of inspiration in fun and interactive, the interpretation of the ultimate overhangs MiuMiu brand spirit of freedom.

Slender silhouette, vivid colors and bold patterns mottled everywhere, and with humor and vitality for the modification, the entire series carries modern, sensual Polka dots and stripes cleverly applied to contour cut sharp suits, wide shoulder coat, stockings and neat scarf.

Vibrant pink, fluorescent orange, pastel-colored and black ink is full of non-traditional flavor palette on each other, against each other, relaxed charm evokes confidence.

Through these wonderful combination of image interpretation out of this unique and unconventional series full of adventurous character.

Dolce & Gabbana “defection” Milan Fashion Week emergency

With the rise of London Fashion Week, Milan, foreign aggression intensified again, this time to finally turn the Milan fashion one of the most important brand Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana to go

With the Dolce & Gabbana menswear recently announced that it will join London and in its fourth store in London, organized by the party, bringing the latest men’s custom series, Milan Fashion Week crisis has once again become the focus of media attention. Milan fashion pivotal as one of the brands, Dolce & Gabbana significant exodus of London. If the men’s week in London to create the beginning, Burberry would not hesitate from Milan returned to his hometown is a reasonable thing, then Dolce & Gabbana’s move on some “runaways” rebellious temperament fiction.

Thus, the Italian fashion industry “bigwigs” have jumped out to a stand. The first is the “master” Giorgio Armani, Milan Fashion Week, he thinks the focus is to showcase the Italian creativity, rather than those Italian brands abroad when a show organized form of activity. This one obviously was announced recently in London for Men’s Week events Dolce & Gabbana. In addition, he as a point for their many years reluctant to join the Italian National Fashion Chamber of excuses. He asked them in a show of Italian foreign brands are returned to Milan show, thus providing a “very important signal.” He joined the Chamber of Commerce, which is the condition, but also a “new symbol of the spirit.” He said that over the years, put their main brand Giorgio Armani Milan Fashion Week on the last day of strategic significance: is to make all the media are left to the end of Fashion Week.

In fact, as early as last September, Roberto Cavalli has pointed out the Italian National Fashion Chamber of administrative confusion. He accused members of the Association, but although he was still depends Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana which two non-Chamber members face, in the show when the first scheduled avoid these two. Even those “foreign brands” (such as Gucci and Fendi way from Italy, but were Kering and French group LVMH acquired) than treatment such as Roberto Cavalli brand is good authentic Italian descent.

Italian National Fashion Chamber of Commerce new vice president, but also the Prada SpA’s CEO Patrizio Bertelli attitude is quite tough. He said that if the two brands would now come back for June menswear week too late. The association president, respected Mario Boselli touches tolerant, “These two brands are from Fashion Week should be removed on the calendar, we can help arrange for them to show, but they must be voluntary.”

Industry uproar, whether or Italian Fashion Chamber Armani Italian fashion industry for the sake of all, why not join hands with it? In the face of public opinion and the national sentiment, Armani chose to stay in Milan Fashion Week men participated in June, but whether to join the Italian Fashion Chamber of these things have to be proposed. Dolce & Gabbana is so far have not made any future declaration of the fashion show venue.

The media in hot pursuit of the latest interview question on Bertelli Prada Group, another important brand Miu Miu show in Paris, why, Bertelli Miuccia Prada from the perspective of his wife replied: “She worked day and night in the studio , show to take care of every detail so produced two shows in the same week is absolutely impossible if in Milan Fashion Week, the second week is still the case, that would be possible. “In fact, Milan Fashion Week is not a recession Field sudden illness, Valentino and Diesel went to New York, Moschino went to London. Stay in Milan, the brand less and less. With the rise of London Fashion Week, Milan, foreign aggression intensified again, this time to finally turn the Milan fashion one of the most important brand Dolce & Gabbana. I’m afraid the Italian Fashion Association really should self-examination, whether in the organization and promotion of the development of fashion week did the best?

Linea Rosa exclusive personality distinguished exclusive

Linea Rosa 2013 spring and summer, once listed, they again won the large influx of people in the pursuit. The wide range of advocacy groups, from the 2012 national tour of the scene can be seen on the heat. In the spring and summer hit Linea Rosa2013 in ten new models, Linea Rosa joined the Italian element in the fashion still followed the premise with a guarantee of quality, so that the brand is more mature.

Linea Rosa 2013

In line with the 2013 spring and summer the Italian element, Linea Rosa specially selected in the fashion capital of arty Gong Ti Bei bottlenose club as a new spring and summer tasting venue and gorgeous flower embellishment elegant and exquisite meals . To have Italian style opening act ballet, leads catwalk models show.

Linea Rosa at the Beijing Shop VIP Tasting services in addition to providing one explanation for this quarter new style and new design concepts for a brief introduction, VIP guests can understand the brand philosophy, history, and also enjoy the on-site shopping. Moreover VIP guests also enjoy a high-end beauty and personal finance distinguished service, more scene shot with DIY production ID, so guests can enjoy at home caring service and interaction of interest. Lucky draw leaving a very warm atmosphere.

New season Linea Rosa creative highlight is Italian style and color silk fabric on the use of retro style popular at the time, not only the boutique store full of vintage and gorgeous features, sole also adopted a Linea Rosa most representative of the Leopard rose tattoo designs, rose sculpture composition of the heel and the moment came tip nails heart-shaped pattern, with a strong visual impact. These are so new season of Linea Rosa richer variation, which is truly elegant and charming colorful world.

Chanel 2013 autumn and winter

“I am down to earth, but slightly exaggerated style of this series is not completely fit reality.” Carter, Karl Lagerfeld has strategically stood with solemn meaning of being a huge rotating globe next. This is the morning Chanel fashion show center stage. Therefore, the only way to actually be able to complete the landing but is constantly upward. However, metaphorically speaking, designers show the entire series with the same smug sense: This is a full of confidence and vigor, full of all sorts of colorful costume epic, it comes from Lagerfeld’s dream. (Not like it sounds so corny – Lagerfeld often claimed to wake up from sleep, and then draw a whole series of scribbled sketch he called the “unconscious” design.)

Full of self-confidence is not always possible achievement of a persuasive Chanel fashion show, but we did appreciate the on-site full of charm with a kind of force, slightly gloomy trend tendencies. The whole world is dark, like nightfall the entire world. Of course, the clothes are dark. And very fitting: A very popular hip fit profile shape, and then like a skirt hem as spread, feet wearing leather “cuissardes” (sounds than its literal English translation of “Tall waterproof boots “To more fashionable). Other important clothing style is also streamlined, jackets cut to the thigh at the front, opposite the central leg length is reached. This style coat with some strange unfettered temperament, in the sense that works more like a designer Karl, not Ms. Coco.

Despite coincided night, the darkness is still shining. “Is not a depressing mood,” Lagerfeld stressed. Brilliant metallic color silk tweed and knit apparel to bring glory. Rookie Aymeline Valade model like body wrapped in a magical, with a geometric pattern and flashing a shiny net. The final effect is that with a little starlight weird feeling, although there are some models wearing helmets garden, to the audience left a deeper impression. (These helmets helmet is actually the same as the classic bob Anna Wintour leather engraved version, Lagerfeld explained.)

And past Chanel fashion show as fabric design to challenge the people’s understanding. Anything that looks like a woven fabric is actually likely just a mesh embroidery textures, such as near the end of the conference, when large numbers of monochrome flower pattern. However, and advanced custom series is different, and these clothes we actual distance is somewhat distant, this also reflects the sense of distance Lagerfeld for Chanel brand development of high expectations. Chanel haute couture show scale often like a metaphor for their own, and today, in the audience constantly rotating around the globe countless top brand logo, Chanel mark each one franchise store locations, filled with strongly suggestive. I wish I could see when Lagerfeld at the end of the catwalk to control the entire planet would appear that he is not a contempt …… usually subtext of person, this is like the sun god Karl will simply reaffirm itself as the only master of the status and role.

City of Detroit, U.S. auto bankruptcy liabilities $ 18 billion

Local 18 in Detroit bankruptcy, is expected to become the largest U.S. city in bankruptcy.
Michigan governor approved the same day Schneider Detroit bankruptcy documents, which means that Detroit has been unable to collect enough taxes to meet its obligations, the current only through filing for bankruptcy to avoid the situation from deteriorating further.

Detroit recently deteriorating fiscal position, as early as March this year, is facing bankruptcy, Schneider was appointed special officials responsible for dealing with bankruptcy legal matters.

Ben Wang reporter that Detroit suffered bankruptcy dilemma are the three main reasons, first, the population declined sharply at the same time lead to substantial decline in tax revenue; two are still spending huge municipal projects; Third, the financial crisis is still large.

Detroit was once a brilliant industrial city, the “automobile city” reputation, but now former glory has ceased to exist. High crime rates, the city fell into recession, many people of the city prohibitive. There was a population of 2,000,000 in Detroit, now only 70 million people. A large number of middle-class people to leave Detroit suburb of a large area barren rundown.

Detroit during the financial crisis hit hard, the three major car companies massive layoffs, leading to the city’s economy even worse, for a long time can not be restored.

This is not the first American city filed for bankruptcy, bankruptcy in U.S. history, the city has long appeared more than once. If Stockton, California had filed for bankruptcy protection.

However, Detroit’s debt is very large, and is currently owed more than 180 billion dollars in long-term debt and billions of dollars in short-term debt, the bankruptcy of the Detroit assured become by far the largest American city bankruptcy.

A city bankruptcy, you must take a series of measures to make local finance back on track, while some of the measures taken is usually austerity measures, including tax increases, cuts civil servants, to reduce public spending. Detroit bankruptcy is approved, it is likely to take such measures, and inconvenience to the people of Detroit.

Detroit bankruptcy filing, will face protracted judicial fight. Detroit parties concerned will the amount of debt, debt service, and many other details of the case commenced debate, bankruptcy lawyer, said the lawsuit may take 1-3 years and cost expensive.

White House on the 18th, said President Barack Obama is closely watching the progress of events in Detroit bankruptcy.